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Today is the deadline to apply to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum(HLF) 2020, one may ask why am I writing now ? few hours to the official close ? Well read below, I have a story.

Sincerely, I’ve been extremely busy recently, that one of the reason I’m writing now, but one other thing is that my application to the HLF19 was special as I made my application few hours to the deadline. By the way since my experience with HLF one of my friend has decided to always submit all is applications few hours to the deadline :).

I got introduced to HLF during my Msc at the African Institute for Mathematical Science in South Africa, Cape Town, specifically during a talk by Professor Prof Bernd Schroers from Heriot-Watt University.

I’m a kind of student that when I get a news(information), I go directly online to get more details on it, unfortunately(fortunately) the deadline for the HLF 2019 was few hours from the time I knew about the conference, but I decided to give it a try and secure an opportunity to meet the laureates.


After few months waiting, I finally got accepted to attend the HLF19, this was my first travelling experience outside africa and I was much looking forward to attend the conference.

Acceptance Email


The experience was amazing, my first international conference. I went to HLF with some target in mind including talking to Yoshua Bengio and we spent some time discussing the progress in the field of Natural Language processing while having our supper, it was amazing to spent such a time with one who is considered to be one of the father of Deep Learning. My second target was to discuss with Jeff Dean about the work and his personal journey in tech as well as how he got into Google.

Yoshua Bengio


The is much more to say, about HLF19, but the reason for this post is to motivate you to finish your application, to give you a fell on how it looks to be accepted and attend the conference.

Remember the deadline is in few hours from now, don’t let this opportunity go.